Love Love Love this film created by Tim Freake. Many of you who read this blog on a regular bases, (FYI many of you…right) will know that I often talk about awakening experiences.
One of the problems is its so darn hard to put them into words. Simply by trying to define them you some how belittle the experience. The great joy of film is that you can ‘show’ rather then ‘tell’ and Tim has used film in such a way that it is possible to ‘get it’. Last week at my retreat in the Isle of Man, I asked the guests/students/wonderful bunch if they ever felt they had had a spiritual or awakening experience. They didn’t think they had, but when I went on to describe it they could all remember more than one moment in life. This isn’t a thing for the spiritually enlightened (what ever that means) it’s for everyone!

My on-line course ‘Intuitive awakening’ show’s how to use intuition to bring about these experiances. Maybe one day, it’s how we will feel all the time :)