In my life I have always used the law of attraction. I was attracting things into my life through thoughts and feelings before I even knew it was a skill. I just thought everyone did it and knew it could be done. If I had known it was a ‘secret’ I would have told everyone :)!
I have noticed lately though, that the concept that we have manifested everything that happens to us is now being used as a negative judgment tool; another thing for us to feel guilty about, ‘What did I do to manifest my ill fortune?’ Even more shocking, is that it is also being used to negatively judge others.

A friend of mine who is battling liver cancer was asked what she had done to manifest having cancer. This was then closely followed by the observation that the liver is all about anger so she needs to ask herself what unresolved anger issues she has. She wanted to reply (but didn’t) ‘I have always wanted to punch insensitive people and I repress it!’

Someone also asked me recently how someone who had been a speaker and author in the field of spirituality could have got breast cancer.

In addition to my belief in manifestation I also believe that ‘stuff’ just happens, we might not know at the time why it happens. But self-blame is unproductive.

It seems interesting to me, that when we create an act of genius we are happy to put it down to a God like force flowing through us. But when bad things happen to good people they must have done something ‘to be in alignment’ with it. Making us feel horrible and guilty on top of having something to deal with.

Often bad things happen for good reasons. They are an inoculation to give us the skills to grow into being strong enough for our life’s purpose. Bad things are growth givers, and if you choose to look at them that way then you can no longer call them bad.

The question we really need to ask is not ‘how am I at fault?’ but to ask ‘how can I bring more love to this situation?’ or ‘how can I best grow from this situation?’

There is a way of talking in the spiritual community that seems to be slightly patronising; creating a belief that it is frowned upon to express disappointment, to acknowledge your upset or to moan about your lot. However, not being able to authentically express yourself means you become disconnected, which can lead to feelings of loneliness. Words maybe powerful and they may manifest, but so does bottling up how you feel for fear of being seen as ‘unspiritual’. That to me isn’t spirituality.

Be kind to yourself and others, that’s the best spiritual manifestation tool of love I can think of.