I often like to blog about issues that I repeatedly encounter in the course of my appointments with different clients.  I believe we are linked by a collective consciousness. So it stands to reason that, if a bunch of my clients are sharing similarities in problems, then some of the people I don’t get to see maybe sharing those same issues too.
This month’s issue has been not being able to see a way forward.

Many of us like to have a goal. Something to focus on and look forward to achieving. When we don’t have a goal or we can’t see a way out of our current situation, be it: cash flow; relationships or lack of them… Whatever it is, not knowing where we are going can feel disconcerting and downright depressing.

So here’s my advice!

Firstly, create with your imagination, and not with the facts of your situation. You might think this is being unrealistic, but everything around you now started life in someone’s imagination (beit businesses in the mind of an entrpreneur or buildings on an architect’s easel). So let go of the A to B thinking and jump right to the end. What would you like Z to look like, feel like and be like? No limits, in an ideal world what do you want to change. You might be having a laugh with me and think ‘right Becky, I want to be on a desert Island’. Well, if that’s true, about you wanting to be on desert island – lack of work, sunshine or space? Have a think around the dream you create. But do let go of how you get there. Once you make a decision it is amazing how things jump in the right direction to aid your decision. Knowing what you want through imagination means you’re not making decisions from the limitations of your past experience.

Next, stop moaning, stop looking at what you don’t have and start looking at what you do have. When you look at what you have, your talents as well as the aids you have around you, you start to see the tools that can move you forward. Looking at what you are lacking means you don’t have the tools to get creative.

Then, make some small changes that you can make. However small they may be, make them, a step in the right direction will cause a leap energetically.

Now, write a list of the six most successful people you have met, worked with or been friends with in your life. Do the same with your family, living and dead. The six most successful people who have been in your life can show you that you can be in sync with their energy. Their energy is that of a successful person. When it comes to family, it’s not only unpleasant diseases that get passed on to us, but also the talents and determination. If your family wasn’t up to much, be selective upon whose energy you call upon to aid you at this time.

You don’t have to know your way out of a situation; you just need to know that it’s possible. Draw upon any positive move you can make. When everything looks dark, just remember it takes just one small light to transform everything. When things are difficult, it takes one thing to go right to change your perspective from one of doom to a knowledge of growth. Even remembering that can be enough.