When you connect your consciousness and awareness to your body, your soul flows there too. Through mindful intention, you can channel energy into any part of your body. I was once told that the soul is the size of your thumb and although, I don’t feel that is true, imagine for a moment that it was. You could put it anywhere!
When we focus attention on a particular aspect of our body, energy follows. That part of our body becomes intuitive; it can feel, hear, know, absorb and give energy. As we go through each part of the body, imagine the power that would be generated if your intuition, emotion and soul were connecting purely from that area. For example, you might be fully focused on an area that is being kissed or when walking hand in hand, your focus may go where the hands intertwine. You may also feel that kind of connection with the most private parts of your body.

Connecting your soul to your body with mindful intention is a wonderful way to feel conscious and present in the moment.