There is a form of energy that comes through us. You can feel it, know it, and be changed by it. It’s a universal energy, like the energy of creation or the life force itself. Eastern martial arts experts call this universal energy that permeates everything chi. You can feel it through many forms of healing. It is the lifeforce itself, the divine energy of creation.
On a more mundane level, the amount of chi you have available to you will determine your vitality; this is literally how much life energy you feel flowing through you.

This universal energy is available to us all at all times. In order to get a real experience of this energy, to really feel it, take five minutes now to do the following exercise.

Exercise: Experience Chi for yourself

Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds, until you feel heat developing between your palms. Then, slightly curve your fingers as if you were holding a ball. Send through intention your love and your power into that space between your hands. Wait a spell as you do this for the energy to build. Then slowly try and close your hands together. You will feel some resistance in the gap, as if you are holding a spongy rubber ball. This is your chi, your life force.

Let me know how you get on…

Chi is also created when we make love to a partner or during healing. Using the exercise above as a guideline, you can build a ball of chi in your hands and exchange energy by placing the ball into the sacral chakra point located four fingers below the belly button. Its a beautifully gift exchange.