It was looking like a beautiful day, when my friend Kate and I went to see the band ‘Elbow’ at the 02 in London. I have always loved live music, especially from a band that I have been playing their music for a while. I am one of those people who know all the lyrics, I can’t remember my times tables but I can sing you almost any song that I used to love from years and years ago, including REM ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’ Although I would ask you not to test me on that one. I really was excited about seeing Elbow. I not only enjoy the music of a live band, but also the trans-like state that the music puts me into. It’s a combination of the music the lighting and especially the crowd. Many life coaching guru’s realised that if you fill a room full of hundreds of people all wanting the same thing, the collective consciousness can be so powerful it can make things happen. Mostly sign up’s for future very expensive courses, but outside of commercial sales, I believe that group consciousness has the power to heal or make change. In fact there is lots of scientific evidence to back this idea up. However the collective consciousness at the end of the gig ‘I must get ahead of the crowd leaving’ isn’t so much fun.
I also love the lighting. I worked as a lighting tech for many years and pottered about with a bit of lighting design. As everything that exists was created though light in some way, light and sound have the power to heal. Light resonates with your energy system and the Chakra’s. For me seeing a live band I spend most of my time looking at the moving lights and being memorised by colour. It makes no difference how close to the stage I am; I am feeling the crowd and looking at the lights. However this is also the case when I used to no to night clubs and dance to indie music. There was a song by ‘Chapter house’ called ‘Pearl’. The DJ at The Kandi Klub would always put the same lighting effects on to that song. I lined myself up with one of the revolving light changing lights, which shone right at me as if I was the Tardis in Dr Who in the opening credits falling into a worm hole.

What both experiences gave me was the chance to enter into a trans like state where the left hemisphere of my mind was busy, and the right hemisphere was opening up. You become completely in the moment and the experience that you are having. You feel alone, yet completely enveloped as the crowd are all one. The words of the song might trigger your mind to meditate upon them, to think in pictures and feel emotions coming up inside you that you haven’t addressed. For example a new song from Elbow called ‘Lippy Kids’ made me think about young people and how the world must look for them. The lead singer made a comment ‘that we much never fear are youth’. From this wondering of the mind down loads of information, about our society or fear came to me.

Other songs triggered answers to questions I had been pondering, the kind of profound insights you only get when you become a master at meditation, or like me just know ways to access intuition. Live music is one of the ways to access intuition. Of course you really only want to open up intuition for insight on life the universe and everything. Knowing that the person next to you is in love with his girl friend, but she is wishing she was here with someone else isn’t the thing you want to know about on an evening out!

However you connect with your intuition, checking in often so there is nothing your missing knowing about in your life is a beautiful thing, what better way to do it then whilst enjoying a night out with a friend.