The world is changing, but then it always is; however recently in the news we have really felt it. So much is going on, one moment I am excited for uprising people over throwing their governments, the next I am desisted for New Zealand and then scared for Libya.
It is my belief that having power over people is not sustainable, we have seen this throughout history, yet somehow history repeats itself. If you imagine power to be a ball, you have people all around the ball, some at the top and some at the bottom. Those at the bottom at the bottom would like to over through the power at the top, but then if that happens, those at the bottom will feel the same, and so the ball gets stuck, and it shakes in its own power struggle.

What if those at the top who have ‘power over’ those at bottom, were to give ‘power to’. We would have a ball turning which would create all the people on the ball having power at some time.

Giving ‘power to’ rather than having ‘power over’ is the only way we could cohabit peacefully.  Of course it would take a shift of consciousness for humanity to really be able to accept that. The idea creates fear in itself, so no-one wants to give up power.

Our world works on polarities so if power is at the top, weakness must be at the bottom. If we have left we also have right, good bad, right wrong, male female, north and south pole, this is one of the rules of this dualistic world. When the world tips too far towards one polarity it corrects itself. Now you might think this can’t be true as you’re always happy or always fearful. It is widely believed that we are all one. If this is the case which I believe it is, you will find that someone else is being the opposite of your regularity. This doesn’t mean that if you’re not happy that you never will be, because someone else has your happiness. You can choose to rebalance yourself. The truth is when things get really bad, really good is also present. We might not see it in the news, but it is always there.

The shift of conscious to choosing love might just be when the world becomes so fearful we finally choose something else. So even though right now it looks on paper that we are struggling with some of the biggest threats to our way of life that we have ever seen, we might just be on the verge of the most major break through too. For me the greatest problem is how unbalanced the news can be. You can’t really believe all you’re told, I’ve said it a million times and I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more: Intuition is your greatest tool to live without fear, personal or global.