To live intuitively is to live in freedom. When we know how to trust our intuition, we have much more control over the ego, over our own fear, and to live in abundance in a magical world of possibility.
Intuition gives you the opportunity to feel safe to open your heart and share with others ( Giving power too, rather than have a power over people. Many people struggle with keeping the heart open to love. There is a very good reason for this as the chances are in your lifetime you have been hurt, shut down, shut up and shut off. I can say this whole heartily as I see it every day in my clients, people I meet and in the mirror!  Yet if I asked you when did first suspect you might get hurt, the likelihood is that you knew in the very beginning when you met the perpetrator or situation of life’s disappointment and yet allowed your mind to govern your decision-making. The empowerment that comes with intuition is that the unspoken inner knowing becomes stronger than the ego. When you don’t work from the ego and can’t be controlled by other people and you can’t be paralysed by fear. Of course the downside of this empowerment, is that no longer have someone else to blame. You become solely responsible for your life path.

Intuition is a level of knowing that has no words. It comes from a deep part of the self. There are in fact multiple ways of knowing. Intuition is a way of being able to really listen to all of the levels of knowing that exists.

You can know something in your body (somatic). You may feel a desire to move away from a person when you meet them the first time, almost as if it is impossible to keep your feet on the spot. You might go to take a mouthful of food and suddenly feel that you cannot point the fork towards your face. You might have an inner sense of feeling of dread, or excitement with no justifiable reason. You may find yourself bursting into tears only to find out later that someone you care deeply for was crying at the same time as you. The body is an amazing receiver of information. For too long the body has been seen as the vehicle for the mind and spirit. In truth you are your body and you coexist as body mind and spirit. The attitude that the body as something separate is also the way that we have viewed Earth, the planet we live on. We have seen ourselves living on and not as part of the Earth, defying nature, as if we are unnatural beings. The body has been seen in the same way. Intuitive awakening is about awakening back to all that you are including the physical self.

Intuitive awakening is also an awakening of the mind. We have so many parts of the brain that we don’t use. Intuitive awakening is about starting to pay close attention to an alternative form of listening. This is the right hemisphere listening, it is listening without words. It is allowing the brain to be the receiver of information. The left hemisphere of the brain figures out information about the world. It seeks out answers through our life experience. The right hemisphere of the brain is the creative manifester. Our imagination is not some childish fancy that has no meaning. Everything that you see in your life that is man-made started in somebody’s imagination. The imagination is how we manifest things. I have often been asked what is the difference between imagination and intuition? Imagination is the cinema screen that clairvoyance is played upon.

Intuition is also being able to hear at this stage three level of listening.

Stage one of the listening is very ego based. For example when somebody is speaking most people are listening with the filter of the ego which says how is what this person is saying affecting me. Stage two listening is listening whilst thinking what you want to say in response to what has been said in order to have the best outcome for yourself. Stage three listening is listening beyond what the person is saying. It is being aware of body language, facial expression, emotional and the space in between the words. It is not only hearing what is being said but also seen the purpose of why it is being said. This is a powerful way to read other students journal entrees. Giving you the opportunity to tune your ability to listen on an energetic level. Stage three listeners take the past and present and the energy of the person all into account.

Intuition is also about being able to read the energy not only of a person, but the building, animals, plants, trees, in fact anything and everything that have an energy in-print. Which is pretty much everything. It is being able to plug yourself intuitively into consciousness and source energy itself.

Most intuitive development will teach you about how to read another person’s ego. However there are two forms of intuition, Ego based and love based. Ego-based intuition will always have a form of judgement in attachment to it. Love based intuition is purely about unity and the coming together of consciousness.