Business leadership and career development

Creating powerful leadership with integrity.

In my work with CxO’s, leaders, executives and their teams we develop personal and group-based skills in personal power, self-belief, intuitive listening and communication.

As featured in The Sunday Times In Style Magazine May 2014 

I offer a range of services including:

Executive High-Impact Coaching

The fastest, surest route to breakthroughs; my executive coaching is specially adapted for leaders who want to step into a new paradigm of corporate leadership, where being at the top doesn't mean having to lower your values and ethics. Have the confidence to be the leader you want to be, rather than the old-style draconian boss, and still get the best results and respect from your team.

My focus is on your achievement of the career and personal empowerment you want, and how you can have that your way without compromise. I believe in results, not long drawn-out coaching. You are placed at the centre of my thinking for the time we are working together. Having this focus in mind, I limit my one-to-one coaching to five clients.

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Company Training

In my training workshops participants will develop individually tailored solutions, giving everyone involved a valuable and exciting opportunity to take away a personalised strategy for leadership, creative ideas building and impactful communication in their organisation.

Subjects include:
  • Develop interpersonal skills to enable effective business leadership and the positive use of power
  • Impactful solutions to in-house team communication and how to make fast correct decisions
  • Access instant intuition for ideas and decision-making
  • Establishing and re-establishing trust, values and ethics
  • Intuitive customer communication and sales
  • Women in leadership without the shoulder pads

Intuitive Company Diagnostics

I act as company diagnostics, problem-solving business issues around your team.

I am consulted to aid future direction decisions for the overall progression of the company. I use intuitive insight on résumés and photographs making hiring staff a quicker process. I can also be part of the interview panel. I can act as a mediator during conflict when communication has broken down or when one person's honesty is in question.

I have highly developed observational skills and intuition which means I often get to the truth of situations quickly and efficiently.

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I'm also available as a Keynote Speaker

For keynote speaking contact : Dan Rix Specialist speakers